Bluebell wood 

This painting depicts an  increasingly rare sight of a woodland floor carpeted with the violet-blue hue of the English bluebell with its lovely scent,  bathed in sunlight filtering through the growing leaf canopy. There are not many things that so easily herald the new Spring season as a walk through one of these lovely woods with warming sunshine and the sound of a cuckoo in the distance.

Title: Bluebell wood

Medium: Watercolour

Mount: Framed

Size: 355x250 mm

Painting image size: 245x145 mm.

Price: SOLD                                               © Angela Cox 2007-2022


A quiet creekside scene in high summer. The tide is low and a small sailing boat has been beached while its occupants explore along the riverbank.

Title: Waterside

Medium: Watercolour

Mount: Mounted

Size: 255x305 mm

Painting image size: 195x245 mm.

Price: SOLD                                               © Angela Cox 2007-2022.